Parental Control SecureKids

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Control your kids internet activity with this simple app


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If you want to keep an eye on your child's activity on their Android, Parental Control SecureKids is the perfect tool for managing everything the littlest ones in your family do with their smartphone, along with how and when they use it.

The first time you open this app you'll need to indicate how you're going to use it, either as a parent or as a child. When you access as a mother or father, you'll get to a list of options that lets you control your child's activity from your phone. You'll be able to limit which websites they'll be able to open, the apps they can use, see the calls they receive and send at all times, and know where they are at any given moment. You can create personalized alarms and other series of elements that will inform you of all the details on how your child uses their smartphone.

This functionality also includes a series of statistics on how often your child uses their phone so you'll always know if they're using it too much and which apps they use. Thanks to this feature, you'll get to know if your child wastes time on their phone on things that they shouldn't. Also, the alarm system lets you create sound alerts in your child's phone without the need to have it with you.

Definitively, with Parental Control SecureKids, you'll be able to block access to websites you don't want, block apps that you don't want your kids to install, and limit calls from unknown numbers, or ban calls from certain contacts. You'll also know exactly where they are on a map. All this, without having to touch your child's smartphone. Stay calm knowing your child is safe thanks to this functional app.